Jewellery Manufacturing Process

At The Diamond Shop, we set the standard high when it comes to the art of handmade jewellery. Using traditional techniques and methods our master jewellers are experts in the art of handcrafted jewellery. From diamond engagement rings and stud earrings to necklaces and bracelets, our talented jewellers create exquisite designs that you’ll love.

For over 30 years the team at The Diamond Shop have been creating beautiful, unique and elegant jewellery by hand in our workshop in Hatton Garden in London. The business has changed over the years but the traditional techniques that we use are still the same today as they were all those years ago.

While mass-manufactured jewellery may be cheaper, we believe that the extra quality and unique nature of handmade jewellery really is worth it.

Our Manufacturing Process

Once you have completed the design process and signed off your design our jewellers will get to work on creating your jewellery. The process will vary slightly depending on the finished piece but as a rough guideline the process will be:


The first step is to melt the metal using high-temperature torches and pour the molten metal into a skillet.

Once cool the metal is hand rolled with mills and pulled through draw plates to form a workable wire.
Using special pliers we’ll bend the metal into the desired shape before sawing off any excess metal.
Once the surplus metal has been removed we’ll continue to bend the metal into shape before using specially treated gold or platinum solder to join the ends together.
Stone setting
Depending on the design the stones will need to be hand set and special prongs soldered in place to hold them on the jewellery.
With the metals joined we can then file and polish to make them smooth and create the perfect piece of jewellery.

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This is a very basic overview of the manufacturing process and is aimed to give you an idea of the work involved. To find out more and to book your free design consultation in Hatton Garden, just get in touch by giving us a call today on 020 7831 2909.